Since 2007 we have been refining our craft and staying true to our roots as a high quality manual screenprinting shop. Offering top of the line techniques we stay ahead of the competition and continue to expand our portfolio daily! We work hand and hand with clients to produce nothing short of a ''work of art'' on all apparel from pants to shirts. Contact us today to get started with your custom order!


With deep roots in the creative community we have an extensive understanding and knowledge of all things surrounding art and design. Need help with merchandising for your business or brainstorming a new great idea for marketing? We have a passion for out of the box concepts and would love to help take your ideas to the next level! Specializing in merchandising, branding, print & mural projects, our talented team of artists are ready to work with you on your next creative project!


Have an event coming up and need shirts? We offer an awesome solution for having shirts available at your event at a lower up front out of pocket investment! We offer on site screen printing at events creating shirts on demand for customers, while captivating the audience and creating a highly creative entertaining environment! Contact us today for your next event!